Soundtrack of my Day


This is a project I have set myself in which I will compose a short piece of music everyday (or as frequently as possible) and upload it for you all to listen to. I set myself this task in order to keep me writing music as much as possible whilst I have other projects going on.

I hope you enjoy what you hear and I look forward to hearing your thoughts.



SOMD001 – Stranger Synths


SOMD002 – Slowly Immersing


SOMD003 – Stocking Filler


SOMD004 – Frozen Time


SOMD005 – Patiently Stating


SOMD006 – Take Cover


SOMD007 – Rattlesnake


SOMD008 – Never Sleep


SOMD009 – Another One


SOMD010 – Slow Day


SOMD011 – Lost & Found


SOMD012 – Electrified


SOMD013 – Hard Place


SOMD014 – Eerie Path