Professional Portfolio

This page will showcase the game, film or other professional projects I have been working on. All project sections will be updated as appropriate whenever there are new items provided (trailer releases, game releases, teasers etc).


Tales of a Spymaster

I have written all the faction music, along with scoring the trailer for this turn-based medieval game. The game is currently in development by Clack Clack Games.


You can keep up to date with the game here.


Wrong Dimension

All the music you hear in this single-axis game has been written by me. The has recently been released onto Steam. Developed by StartUp Studios.


You can find more information here.



An interesting game for which I have composed four pieces of music, each only 10 seconds long. The game is being developed by Alva Majo.

You can keep up to date with the progress of the game on Alva’s Twitter page.



I composed a short piece of music for use in a release trailer of this game. The game has now been released and was developed by Hut90.

See more about Retool here.


Unfortunately, I cannot post all the projects I am working on however I will update this page with all I can. You can keep up to date with me and my projects on my Twitter.