How to make FREE STRINGS sound PRO!

As an emerging composer, you may find that your music is lacking some ‘convincing’ virtual instruments. You will also probably know that those instruments don’t usually come cheap. In this post I will try to teach you how to make the most of free or cheap string samples. All the points I mention will be from my experience and information I have been taught along the way. I hope you find them useful!  Continue reading

My ULTIMATE Guide To Overcoming Writers Block

A creative block can be branded as many things. ‘Writers block’, ’blank stave syndrome’, ‘blank page syndrome’ and ‘why can’t I think of anything to write’. No matter what you call it, it is still a terrible thing. It is that daunting stage at the start of a project when your blank screen or blinding white piece of paper is staring you in the eyes and everything in your head seems to just melt. It can also occur mid-way through a project when you have no idea where to take it further. Here are my best tips to overcome writers block and be more productive than ever. Continue reading

Music Tastes

I was on a train not long ago and overheard an interesting conversation about music tastes. There were two friends and one was talking about a rap song that they liked and explained why he liked it. After he finished, the other person responded, ‘but I thought you were into rock music?’. What made it even stranger, was that the first person then went on to defend himself saying ‘well, yeah. I don’t like the song that much’. Continue reading