What I’m Listening To – #2


So, it’s been a while… Sorry about that.

I thought i’d kick back in with letting you know another artist I have been getting into. I’m always listening to new artists and bands but I thought I would share an artist that recently, I have really got into and has stood out to me. I’m talking about Flying Lotus (or FlyLo). FlyLo is a producer from the U.S and produces some pretty top notch experimental music. His music spans across multiple genres so there is no real category for him and I really like that, for starters.

Front cover

I bought his latest album ‘You’re Dead’ on vinyl a few weeks back and I haven’t put it down. Before I even listened to a track, I couldn’t put it down because of the awesome sleeve artwork all over it.

There is a sort of Jazz/Hip-hop fusion at the base of the album. With a range of instrumental tracks and tracks with hip-hop and rap artists, such as Kendrick Lamar and Snoop Dogg, applying vocals. This album is such a great collection of experimental music that is easy to get into. Unlike a lot of music, this album will take you places and really make you use your ears.

My favourite track on the album is ‘Never Gonna Catch Me’. It’s the most popular track of the album according to YouTube views and for very just reason, in my opinion. Its a jazz track with Kendrick Lamar’s vocals overlaying the instrumental. The key feature for this track and a great part of Flying Lotus to me, is that the vocals are mixed as an instrument. It’s almost as if the track is still an instrumental track and that is a great touch. It really makes you appreciate the music and the quality of the composition and the other instruments instead of listening to the melody and lyrics and taking the ‘music’ for granted.

Overall, I think the Album is definitely worth a purchase or at least listen. (If you listen you’ll want to buy it though). It’s perfect if you want something different to spice up your record collection.

What are you listening to right now? Let me know!


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