Music Tastes

I was on a train not long ago and overheard an interesting conversation about music tastes. There were two friends and one was talking about a rap song that they liked and explained why he liked it. After he finished, the other person responded, ‘but I thought you were into rock music?’. What made it even stranger, was that the first person then went on to defend himself saying ‘well, yeah. I don’t like the song that much’.


Why couldn’t he be into rock music and still like the rap song? Strangely enough, or not, I hear this sort of thing all the time. People have adopted this strange idea that people can only be into a single genre of music as if it is some sort of cult. One of the many great things about music is the diversity and freedom of it and how you can enjoy as much or as little of it as you like.

Personally, I enjoy listening to just about every genre of music. Some more than others, but generally I will like everything you throw at me. I guess if we’re speaking generally you could say genres can depict moods which is why I, or others, may be into various genres. For example, you might listen to some pretty heavy stuff if you’re angry or maybe some acoustic if you’re just chilling out. This is pretty broad as there are always countless genres and sub-genres to mention.

I guess I just find the music fascinating. I absolutely love listening to a piece of music that I wouldn’t normally and trying to work out how they made a certain sound or what instruments are being used to create a certain effect. That could be because I want to recreate it in a track of my own or just for general interest.

There is no right or wrong when it comes to what music you listen too. Don’t ever let who you are or hang around with define what you enjoy. Even if you want to keep it on the down low, listening to Justin Bieber whilst being part of a biker gang is still okay.

If you want to maybe find some new genres or artists, why not look at my ‘What I’m Listening To‘ posts! x


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