8 Reasons Why You Should Take Up Music

So, I think music is great. Actually, everyone thinks music is great. Whether you write, play or just listen to it. There is no escape from music being in your daily routine. Here are 8 reasons why I think everyone should take up playing a musical instrument.

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– It’s Creative – In my opinion, creativity is a hugely important thing. I think everyone should try and do something creative every day. Whether that is write a song or draw a picture or anything to creatively expand your mind. Any form of music is very creative whether thats writing or playing it. Music is such a great way to express your creativity. Which brings me onto my next point rather nicely…

– It’s Super Expressive – This is probably my favourite thing about music. It has the power to change someones mood instantly and not many other things can claim that. Not only can it affect you if you are listening to music; but there have been times where I have been in a bad mood for example and gone away and written a song. The song was probably terrible and hugely depressing, but it made me feel better. It’s so great to be able to show how you feel through music.

– Meeting People – This goes with any hobby really, but I wanted to address it anyway. Music is a great outlet to meet great people. I have made some of my closest friends ‘by accident’ through music related activities. Whether thats at a gig, an open mic night or even music courses at college or university. Also, musicians are always the nicest people… I may be slightly bias there.

– Fat Penguins Break The Ice – Now, this may not be a point for everyone as some people may want to take up music privately or just for themselves, but I find that music is a great thing to bring up when the conversation is dry. As soon as instruments are mentioned I find people really seem to open up and its always great to meet other people interested in music. A simple question like ‘So, do you play any instruments?’ can unlock a great deal of conversation and I find that people seem genuinely interested in instruments and music and I ALWAYS get told by the older generations ‘I wish I took up music as a kid.’ (don’t be that guy).

– People Get Involved – This is leading straight on from my previous point, when people are aware you play instruments it’s often asked to demonstrate (instrument access permitting). So I find it’s great to learn a few bangers that everyone will know. Even times when I have been on holiday with friends, for example, and I took a guitar. I remember we sat on the beach and had a bit of a sing-a-long. For times like that, playing music is brilliant. Everybody enjoys a good ol’ sing-song.

– Sharing Your Music – Again, this is more likely not for everyone, but I still feel like its an important point to make. An awesome thing about the time we live in is that its so easy to share your music with the world and get feedback and connect with people. Obviously with YouTube and social network sites, you could write a song, record it on your phone and upload it straight to YouTube. Then use twitter to tell everyone about it. This is another great way to meet people, linking back to my previous point.

– Sense of Achievement – There is no better feeling for me than spending a whole day trying to nail a track, or part of a track, and then finally getting it. Even learning your first chord. The sense of achievement you get through playing music is unreal. For me, I can be buzzing all day just because I wrote a chord sequence that I really like, or I worked out the riff to a song without looking at the tab. This alone is one of the reasons I play music and love music so much. The hunt for that next awesome feeling of accomplishment.

AND FINALLY, last but not least… (get ready for the cliché)

– It’s a Lot Of FUN – I cannot stress this enough. Music is great fun and I could spend all day everyday doing it. That’s what it’s all about at the end of the day. You shouldn’t have to force yourself to practice or look forward to the end of a lesson. It should be the highlight of your day, getting home and running to the piano or picking up your guitar. Music is all about the freedom to do what you like and love it. If you don’t look forward to music, take the pressure off yourself. I used to have piano lessons when I was a kid, and I used to hate them. I hated the structure of it. I loved my guitar lessons to bits but the piano wasn’t the same. I eventually quit and as soon as I did, I never got off the piano. I would find the guitar chords to a song and play it and then listen to a song and try to work it out. Maybe for some, lessons aren’t the best thing and you should take it at your own pace.

I hope this was helpful for you guys and i really hope that you enjoyed reading it. If you decide you want to take up music and want to write your own songs be sure to check out my post on Songwriting(click the link, I dare ya).



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